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From where I sit…..


So much going on in town.  Foremost on everyone’s mind seems to be water.  Two years ago, I used this space to write about water.  High temperatures causing drought conditions – and it’s only the start of July.  City Public Works regularly responding to low level alarms at the City’s water towers because people are watering their grass.   A lot.    Our staff is jokingly referred to as the “Water Police” and also called more “colorful” names that I’m choosing not to share.  We’ve got even/odd watering bans in place. We’re helping residents and businesses re-program irrigation systems so they’re not running during the heat of the day when water more easily evaporates in the heat.  Please keep in mind that our people are doing the best they can to conserve what we have.

Reconstruction on 269th Avenue is moving along at a great pace.  The fact that it hasn’t been raining and the contractor is working in the sand is a bonus!  They’ll be done before we know it.  Also in progress is our new water tower and treatment plant. The City Council has also recently approved a facility plan for the redesign of our Wastewater Treatment Plant based on guidance from the MPCA.   Wild West Days is over.  The Youth baseball association is coming off two great weekends of tournaments throughout town.  The Zimmerman Area Lions are gearing up for Night to Unite in August.  And City Hall staff are getting started on 2024 budgets!   Tired yet?  I am.  Thank goodness it’s not an Election year!   

Cheers to the rest of the summer.  Hopefully it’s quieter than the start! 

~ Nick