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Frisbee / Disc Golf Course

Frisbee Golf Course in Zimmerman!

Based on a recommendation from the Park Commission, the City has completed installation of an 18-hole Frisbee Golf Course in the Zimmerman City Park.  The course was designed with assistance from Assistant City Engineer Jason Cook of Bolton & Menk., and begins near the south end of the ball field parking lot.  Goals 1-5 are located immediately south of the Civic Building on “Oak Hill”, with goals 6-18 located  in the pine trees west of the baseball and softball fields. 

The Public Works Department has removed trees, stumps, and underbrush in order to make room for tee boxes and goals.  Development of the fairways continues as staff maintains and works to establish turf through what was a pine forest just months ago

The course is playable for users of all ages, so come out and enjoy! There are signs listing par and distance for each hole   A map of the course can be found below.